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Camtasia Studio 8.5.1 Free Download


Camtasia Studio is a best program for creating video lessons and presentations straight via screencast, or using a direct recording plug-in to be able to Microsoft PowerPoint made and published simply by TechSmith.

Camtasia Studio 8.5.1 Free Download
Camtasia Studio 8.5.1 Free Download

The screen area to be recorded could always be chosen freely, and audio as well as other multimedia recordings could possibly be recorded concurrently or added separately from any source and integrated in the Camtasia Studio portion of the product. Both versions of Camtasia started while enhanced screen capture programs and still have evolved to combine screen capture as well as post processing tools targeted at the educational as well as information multimedia advancement marketplace.

How to Activate Camtasia Studio 8.5.1?

  1. Plz Read before Installing Camtasia
  2. The online check has been updated so that modifying the hosts file no longer works.
  3. Important! delete all hosts that were previously added to bypass the online check, e.g.
    0.0.1 activation.cloud.techsmith.com oscount.techsmith.com
  4. Block outgoing access to the following IP’s in your firewall:
    56.8.159 (hostname: activation.cloud.techsmith.com) (hostname: oscount.techsmith.com)
  5. Do not un-block them since the application continuously tries to access them to validate the activation code.
  6. Alternatively, if you do not wish to use the online features of the application, you can completely block the application in your firewall.
READ  Camtasia Studio 8.5.1 Free Download

How to install Camtasia Studio 8.5.1:

  1. Install the application.
  2. Disable automatic updates via Tools\Options\Upgrade Options menu.
  3. Disable user design initiative which sends anonymous data to techsmith servers, via Tools\Options\Help us improve menu.
  4. Exit Camtasia Studio
  5. Block outgoing access to the following IP’s in your firewall: (hostname: activation.cloud.techsmith.com) (hostname: oscount.techsmith.com)
  6. To make sure its blocked you can block outgoing access to the following
  7. IP in your firewall: (hostname: Camtasiatudi.techsmith.com)
  8. Use Given Keygen to register the application.

How to Block IP Address in Firewall:

  • Click On Start > Control Panel
  • Then Bottom Right Side Corner Click On > Windows Firewall
  • Then On Left Side Advanced Settings
  • Click On InBound Rules
  • Click On New
  • Now When The Form Comes Click On Custom Rule
  • Click On All Programs
  • Click Next
  • And Then Which Remote IP Address The Rule Apply To
  • Check These IP Address And Click On Add
  • And Add These IP’s – , ,
  • Then Choose Block Connection
  • Add Title And Description And Click On Finish
  • You’re done! Enjoy! Camtasia Studio 8.5.1 Full Version.

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