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Download Microsoft Windows Server 2016 January 2017 MSDN


Download Microsoft Windows Server 2016 January 2017 MSDN.Windows Server, Microsoft’s operating system for servers. The 2016 version of the product as part of the Windows NT concurrently with Windows 10 operating system the company developed. The first demo, or more precisely on October 1, 2014 Technical Preview version enthusiasts were available, unlike other operating systems, Windows Server client and server versions are offered at the same time, the final version of this product in 2016, according to Microsoft’s now it was postponed.

Download Microsoft Windows Server 2016 January 2017 MSDN
Download Microsoft Windows Server 2016 January 2017 MSDN

Features and Functionalities Of Windows Server 2016:

  • ¬†Active Directory Federation Services: authenticate users through the configuration of AD FS that is stored in the directory of non-AD.
  • Windows Defender: copies of the antivirus without the graphical user interface and is enabled by default in Windows Server
  • Remote Desktop Service: Support for OpenGL 4.4 and OpenCL 1.1, increase efficiency and improve stability
  • Storage Services: Central QoS policies for data storage
  • Failover Clustering: promoting cluster roles
  • Web Application Proxy: credit default Snyjy primary applications based on HTTP, redirect http to https, release the client IP to backend applications
  • IIS 10: Support for HTTP / 2
  • Windows PowerSheel 5.0
  • Soft Restart: speed up boot with just a software reset without hardware initialization
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System Requirements:

Requirements Processor:
1. 4 Ghz processor or faster 64-bit
Compatible with x64 instruction set
Supports NX, DEP, Cmpxchg16B, Lahf / SAHF, Second Level Address Translation Prefetchw and (EPT or NPT)

RAM: 512 MB of RAM or greater
ECC (Error Correcting Code) or similar type technology

Disk Space
Requirements: 32 GB or greater

Network Requirements:
Ethernet adapter with at least gigabit throughput
with PCI-E architecture complient
Pre-boot Execution Environment Support for (PXE)

Other Requirements (Not required to install and run Windows Server 2,016, but are required for certain features):

2.3.1C based system UEFI
secure boot Firmware that supports
Trusted Platform Module
Graphics device capable of 1,024th x 768 or higher resolution and monitor
Keyboard and Mouse
Internet Access

Installation Guide

Info.txt file contains detailed information for this release. You can activate the Microsoft Toolkit to use.

Detailed information for this release:

The 2016th windows Server (x64) – DVD
Release Date: 12/1/2017
Size: 5611 MB
File Name: En_Windows_Server_2016_X64_Dvd_9718492.iso
Languages: English
SHA1: F185197Af68Fae4F0E06510A4579Fc511Ba27616

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