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How To Use The Invisible Character-PC Tips


How To Use The Invisible Character

Do you have something that requires a name but you don’t want anything in it? You could just throw nonsense in there, but a blank space would be best.

In actuality, there is an invisible character! This special character is the equivalent of a space:

Hold down ALT then type 0160 (Alt+0160) on the number keypad at the right side of your keyboard.

How To Use The Invisible Character
How To Use The Invisible Character

Ways to Use the Invisible Character

  1. You could use it as an email address when filling out forms: @ .com
  2. Giving your desktop shortcuts blank labels so all you see is the icon. (This will only work on shortcuts, not on My Computer, My Documents, or program icons.)You must have your shortcut labels set to drop shadow so that the they are clear.Then, follow the normal way to change the filename: click the name slowly two times to highlight the name. Or click the icon once and hit F2.

    Type in our invisible character code (Alt+0160). There you go–an icon with no label.

    Keep in mind that if you want to do this to other shortcuts you can’t have the same name, so just type the code more than once. That means that for the first shortcut you type Alt+0160 release the Alt key then type Alt+0160 again. For the third icon do it three times, etc.

How else do you use this invisible character? Let us know by commenting below!