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RedGate .NET Reflector Incl Universal Activator


RedGate .NET Reflector – is really a class browser, decompiler and static analyzer for software or applications created with. NET Framework. Originally it was authored by Lutz Roeder. .NET Reflector was the first CLI assembly web browser. [Citation needed]. It can often inspect, navigate, seek, analyze, and see the contents of the CLI component like an assembly in addition to translates the binary information into a human-readable form.

RedGate .NET Reflector Incl Universal Activator
RedGate .NET Reflector Incl Universal Activator

By default RedGate .NET Reflector allows de-compilation connected with CLI assemblies into C#, Visual Simple .NET, C++/CLI in addition to Common Intermediate Dialect and F# (alpha version). Reflector also has a “Call Tree” that can be used to drill straight down into intermediate language ways to see what various other methods they call up. It will present the metadata, sources and XML certification. .NET Reflector can be utilized by .NET developers to know the inner functions of code libraries, to show these differences between two versions on the same assembly, and how the different parts of the CLI application interact together. There is a lot of add-ins for Reflector.

How to Activate RedGate .NET Reflector Incl Universal Activator?

  • Install Latest Version of RedGate .Net Reflector
  • Open Universal Activator
  • Select VSPRO Edition and Click on Generate Serial
  • Open Reflector and Insert Serial ad Click Activate
  • Let it Proceed and click Activate Manually
  • In the left side there will be button Save To File
  • Choose a location and save it.
  • Now open Universal Activator again and click on LOAD REQUEST
  • After that Copy the Response and paste it in Reflector.
  • Finally check FINISH and Enjoy!
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RedGate .NET Reflector Incl Universal Activator Download Links

RedGate .NET Reflector 8.5 Latest Trial Download [9.3MB] | Official Website Download Link

RedGate .NET Reflector Universal Activator [1.8MB] | Mirror