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SuperSU Pro v2.65 Beta Full APK [Marshmallow Fixed]


SuperSU Pro v2.65 Beta Full APK [Marshmallow Fixed]
/> SuperSU Pro v2.65 Beta Full APK [Marshmallow Fixed]

SuperSU Pro v2.65 Beta Full APK [Marshmallow Fixed]

SuperSU is the management tool of the future root access! SuperSU allows advanced management of superuser access rights for all applications that need to root your device. SuperSU has been built from scratch to address a number of problems with other management tools superuser access.

!!! SuperSU requires a rooted device !!!
Key Features:-

Symbol root access
Registration superuser access
Notifications root access
By applying notification settings
Temporary Unroot
Detection process of deep (no more unknowns)
Works on recovery (no more rape segment)
Android works when not started correctly
It works with non-standard shell locations
Always runs as ghost
Wake on early
Convert in app / system
Full Unroot
Backup script to survive CyanogenMod nightlies
5 options selectable icon + Invisible
Theme selectable between 4 options
Launch of the marker: * # * # 1234 # * # * or * # * # 7873778 # * # * (* # * # * # * # SuperSU)
NOTE: Not all phones take both codes. In some phones, you need to use one instead of * # * # * # double

Pro Version Features

OTA survival mode (without guarantees)
Complete command register contents with color code (input / output / error)
By applying registry settings
By user application for annulment
Grant / deny an application root for a period of time
PIN Protection
By applying the PIN protection
Automatic adjustment denies countdown

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What’s new

(Systemless) Fixed Postal installer breaking Pro
(Systemless) Added automatic installer Postal kernel patch
(Systemless) tool Added kernel
(Systemless) bind mount / system / [x] bin / us to / your / bin / so
(Systemless) cleaning options fixed environments
(Systemless) Now available for 5.1.x (default for Samsung only, complete unroot system / reflash before the update)
Made context switching reworked available for 5.1.x (evidence must reach more APIs soon)
The fixed mounting recurring problem in Samsung 5.1.x which ultimately could lead to root is losing.

Installing in Marshmallow?

Download the file from the link below
Move the ZIP file to SD-CARD
Turn off the device and opens in recovery mode
And flash the zip file
Fact !! Enjoy. :)

How to install?

Download the file from the link below
Install both APK files under the file
Open the application and update the binary Do
Enjoy ! Now.

Screen Shots:-


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