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Tiny Scanner App Is Here!


Tiny Scanner App Is Here! Tiny Scanner comes free of charge and is available to anyone using an Android operating system. It is a scanner app that does away with the need for a conventional, bulky, expensive scanner. With this app, an Android user could transfer several documents on their phone with just the click of a button.

Scanner apps like Tiny Scanner do much more than take pictures of documents, whether they are images or text. One can use the pictures as image files or convert them into PDFs right away. When a document becomes a PDF, it can be used as a contract or for printing out. Since a PDF is usually the preferred format for better print quality, this feature is quite useful for producing clear hard copies.

Tiny Scanner App
Tiny Scanner App

After scanning the documents, Tony Scanner also allows the user to save the files and arrange them as they wish. This way, even a handwritten document could be preserved for later editing. This feature is excellent for writers, planners, and/or editors that may prefer working by hand. The files can be stored in facilities such as Google Drive, email inboxes, or DropBox. Lastly, one can edit the files with respect to color, page sizes, date, time, grayscale, etc.

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