Home Tips & Tricks Top 5 Free Proxy Websites List | Best Anonymous Proxy Servers!

Top 5 Free Proxy Websites List | Best Anonymous Proxy Servers!


Top 5 Free Proxy Websites List -In this article, I will give you the list of Top Free Proxy Websites and why it is important to use them, which one is the safest, and fastest. Along with the top 5 proxy sites, We will let you know how these sites are helpful for you, and their special features.

Top 5 Free Proxy Websites List | Best Anonymous Proxy Servers!

Top 5 Free Proxy Websites List | Best Anonymous Proxy Servers!
Top 5 Free Proxy Websites List | Best Anonymous Proxy Servers!

If you need the full features with Private proxies, I suggest you not to go with the free proxies. I suggest you go with the premium proxies like Stormproxies or Squidproxies. Our readers get special 20% Recurring discount on Squidproxies plans through This discounted link.

What Is a Proxy?

Proxy is a server in a computer system or application which acts as an intermediate medium between clients, and resources from other servers.

A client can request it’s requirement to the proxy server and the proxy server can evaluate the request and then full fill the request with help of  resources from other servers .

Why Should We Use Proxy Servers?

There are several reasons we should be using a proxy server, few of them are listed below:

A proxy server can improve security as they can block access to the malicious website that can distribute malware.
It enables us to share internet connection on LAN s that various computer systems can use one internet connection.
It makes a download of the resources (web page) easier as it forwards the locally saved web page if the next person requests it and don’t re-download the same web page again.
It provides encryption of the data to ensure they are transferred safely from the sender to receiver.
The proxy server enables controlled internet usage.That’s why corporate are using it widely so that they can keep an eye on their employees’ internet access as well as login details.
using proxy server can help corporate to save bandwidth as proxy server compress traffic and cache files and even remove ads.

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If you have the limited number of devices and want to use Proxy in your home, I suggest you go with any one of the Top VPN services like NordVPN (77% discounted link). You can also read What is VPN for full details about VPN.

  Top Free Proxy Websites

1.Hide.me proxy:


Hide.me proxy is the proxy website which allows you to access the blocked website easily and as well as you can also hide your identity by surfing the web anonymously.

you have to enter the website link in their address bar and then you can start surfing your requested website.

However, you need to sign up if you want to encrypt your whole internet connection and enjoy their VPN connection.

2.SECUREFOR securefor

Securefor is used to be called as proxy.org earlier. It is a free proxy website.you need to enter the URL of the website in the address bar, hit enter and you are good to go.It allows the unrestricted and uncensored browsing.You need to make request via their site and they will fetch resource and send it back to you. It keeps you anonymous and allows you to bypass any network restrictions.



NewIpNow is the proxy website which helps you to manage your Ip address by allowing you to use their Ip address.It helps you to browse through website anonymously.You can even change your geographic location as they have  geographically diverse servers.

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proxy site

Proxy site allows you to browse through your favorite sites even the blocked ones .You can choose to encrypt the page, it allows cookies as well as remove scripts and cookies. Proxy site connect to the  requested website on your behalf and pass it back along to you. That means, you are actually viewing a website and not directly connected to it.

5.Don’t filter

dont filter

Don’t filter is an online privacy tool and an anonymous website blocker.You just have to enter the URL of the page you want to surf.

Final Words,

When you can not spend money, You can go with Hide Me proxy. If you are ready to spend money for the full security, I suggest you go with the premium proxies like Squidproxies. If you are using Proxies at your home, you can go with VPN service like NordVPN for better features.

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