Winstep Nexus 14.11 Free Download


Winstep Nexus 14.11 Free Download is usually a highly configurable ipod dock system that produces an eye-candy launcher within the desktop to start your favorites apps on the go. Similar to Mac pc OS X docks, Winstep Nexus 14.11 Free Download enables you to add any image or shortcut within the bar, but it also provides lots of customization features. Because of support for modules, you can add mini tools like CPU and network monitors, clocks, conditions information and Sell Bin controllers. However, it also can handle separators for better organization, but also inside Windows commands to easily execute a command supported from the operating system having a single click.

Winstep Nexus 14.11 Free Download

You can for instance start Flip 3D, start screensaver, show volume control, access fonts or enter Control Panel using dedicated icons on the dock.

But what's more impressive is the customization level it provides. You can change basically every single aspect of the dock, starting with the look, thanks to theme support, and ending with reflection and sounds. Plus, it has a long list of magnification and mouse over effects, so it's all up to the user and his or her preferences.

Last but not least, Winstep Nexus 14.11 Free Download comes with running indicators to let you know which programs are running, but also with multi-monitor support to use the tool on multiple monitors. Documents benefit from automatic thumbnails, while each module comes with its very own configuration screen.

Although it's supposed to run in the background all the time, Winstep Nexus is far from becoming a resource hog, working just fine on all Windows versions.

All things considered, Winstep Nexus is one of the best tools of its kind, offering an impressive list of features and tons of configuration options.

What's new in Winstep Nexus 14.11 Free Download:

* Added 3 new internal commands: "Cascade windows", "Show windows side by side" and "Show windows stacked"
* Added setting to the 'Performance vs. Memory Usage' dialog to cache animated icons in original resolution instead of capped at 128x128 per frame.
* Added 'Pin to Dock' option to the context menu of running applications showing in a dock.

* Setting the dock auto-hide mode to None would not stick between restarts of Nexus.
* Added Adobe Lightroom to the iconic thumbnail exclusion list, since this feature seemed to crash the application whenever using Loupe view.
* All background blur settings and functions are now disabled under Windows 8.
* weather feed stopped working because of an URL change. Updated to new URL, feed is now working again.
* Fixed bug on feed which could cause the current weather icon to be Windy and rainning.
* MSN Weather feed stopped working because of an URL and API change. Updated to new URL, updated API parsing, MSN backup feed is now working again.

Operating System: Windows 2000, Windows XP 32/64 bit, 2003 Server, Vista 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows 8.x 32/64 bit.

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