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3 Instagram Story Maker Free Android Apps With Beautiful Templates


Here In This Post, I Will Cover 3 Instagram Story Maker Free Android Apps With Beautiful Templates That Everyone Can Use Without Any Hesitation.

Instagram Stories are medium to share short timely posts that automatically expires after 24 hours. The Instagram app provides some decent options to let you personalize your story post. You can add filters, face masks, stickers, emoticons, hashtags, etc.

If you find those options not enough then here are 3 free Instagram Story Maker Android apps for you. These apps provide beautiful story templates which you can customize to make attractive stories. Each app offers around a dozen free unique templates where you can add your photos/videos, text, styling and upload it to Instagram or save it to your phone.

So, let’s check out these Android apps one by one.

Here Are 3 Free Instagram Story Maker Android Applications:

All these apps have dozens of beautiful templates; not all of them are free. But you do get a decent number of free attractive templates in each app which are absolutely free without a watermark or anything.

1. Unfold

3 Instagram Story Maker Free Android Apps With Beautiful TemplatesUnfold is a free Android app to make attractive and graphics-rich Instagram stories. This app offers 25 free templates that you can use to make beautiful Instagram stories. Each of these templates has a unique layout. To make your story post, select the desired template and add your media by tapping on the “+” icon(s). After that, you can add text to the post and customize it’s format accordingly. You can choose a font face and color for the text and scale it for a perfect fit.

Apart from the template layout, you can add new text anywhere on your story and change the background color as well. While designing your story, you can anytime see a preview of the story. Once the story is final, you can save it to your phone in high quality and post on Instagram.

You can download this Instagram Story Maker app here.

2. Story Art

free Instagram story maker apps

The next Instagram Story Maker Android app on this list is Story Art. This app has over a dozen free templates where each template further has around 10 design layouts. The process of making an Instagram story with this app is same as Unfold. You can select a template and add your photo(s) and text. Unlike Unfold, this app doesn’t have video support; you can only add images in the story.

For the text, you get unique text designs which are very attractive and stylish. You can choose a font and color for the text, change size, and add character and line spacing. After making the story, you can preview it in the app and save to your phone. You can post it on Instagram directly from this app.

Here is the link to download this Instagram Story Maker app.

3. Story Maker

free Instagram story maker apps

As the name suggests, Story Maker is another free Android app to make beautiful Instagram stories. This app has dozens of templates with unique layout and all these templates are free. You can choose any desired layout to open it in the editor where you can add your photos and/or text. While adding a photo, you can scale it to fit perfectly in the layout. You can also customize the text by choosing a font face, color, size, and other formatting options.

Unlike other Instagram story maker apps on this list, this app lets you add a background to your story. It offers over a dozen texture backgrounds which you can add to your story. You can also keep your story minimalist with a plain colored background. In the end, you can save the story to your phone or post it directly on various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

You can download this Instagram story maker app here.

Final Words:

These are the 3 free Instagram Story Maker apps. These apps make beautiful stories in minutes and can be really useful for the individual, business, and social media marketers. Go ahead, give them all a try and share your opinion with us in the comments.

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