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5 Best Open Source URL Shortener WebSites


Here In This Post, I Will Cover 5 Best Open Source URL Shortener Websites That Everyone Can Use Free.

With these URL shorteners, you can easily generate tiny URLs for your long URLs. This will make the URLs sharing a lot easier.

Some of these open source URL shorteners let you set a password to protect the shorten links and generate QR code for them. One of them lets you use custom domains to make short links. So, let’s start the list and discuss these open source URL shorteners one by one.

Here Are 5 Open Source URL Shortener Websites Details:


5 Best Open Source URL Shortener WebSites
5 Best Open Source URL Shortener WebSites

Kutt.it is an open source URL shortener packing some useful features. Here, you can make custom short URL, means, you can add your own unique text in the short URL. This way, you can easily remember your URLs. You can also make your shortened URL private by adding a password. When someone opens that URL it will give them a popup to enter the password in order to access the link.

Kutt.it also lets you use a custom domain for your short URLs. If you have a domain, you can use that in your short URL. It also generates a QR for each short URL which you can download and use to share your URL.

You can try this Open Source URL Shortener Here.


5 Best Open Source URL Shortener WebSites
After password protected URL what is the next thing you can think of? A URL with an expiry date. With Pygmy, you can make short URL that expires after a specific time. To do that, first paste the long URL in the URL box here. Then, check the ‘Expire‘ checkbox and type the number of minutes after which you want the URL to expire. You can also password-protect the short URL by checking the ‘Secret‘ checkbox and entering a password.

Give this open source URL shortener a try here.

Let’s Short That URL

5 Best Open Source URL Shortener WebSites

Let’s Short That URL is a simple open source URL shortener that lets you create custom short URLs. To do that, simply paste the URL you want to shorten and type a unique custom shorten text. It will shorten the URL and show your new custom URL. Besides the custom URL, you get two options; one to copy the URL to the clipboard and other to generate a QR code for it.

Give this open source URL shortener a try here.


5 Best Open Source URL Shortener WebSites

Pow! is a simple URL shortener. It does not give you an option for custom URL but it does show you the link stats. Yes, you can see the stats of your shortened URL and find out how many hits it got so far. The stats show you a weekly and an hourly hit graph of your URL. It also shows you the total number of hits the URL got so far on the current day. To access these stats, visit your short URL by adding a ‘+’ character at the end of it.

Try this open source URL shortener here.


5 Best Open Source URL Shortener WebSites

Go2.pt is simplest URL shortener on this list. Of course, it is open source and you can find its source code on Github. It almost instantly shortens your URL and gives you a tiny URL for that. Simply paste the URL you want to short and click the ‘Shorten‘ button. Within a couple of seconds, your URL is replaced by a small shorten URL and you get a button to copy it to the clipboard.

You can try this open source URL shortener here.

Final Words:

All these open source URL shorteners are simple to use. Short URLs make the sharing process very efficient and easy. I personally prefer Kutt.it because it has all the features that others offer and on top of that, it also let me use custom domains. Check them out yourself and let us know which one you prefer and why.

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