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USB Secure 2.1.7 Portable + Key is Here!


USB Secure 2.1.7 Portable + Key is Here! is a lightweight program designed to encrypt the contents of the flash drive and prevent unauthorized access by others. With the application, a user can maintain perfect security by password-protecting own USB containing individual images, personal documents, many unending memories, and business stuff. One of the most significant advantages offered by this application is that it can be installed directly on using a portable storage device and accessed from any machine without having to complete the setup procedure a second time.

USB Secure 2.1.7 Portable + Key is Here!
USB Secure 2.1.7 Portable + Key is Here!

Naturally, USB drive needs to be connected when installing the software, and a user can uninstall it easily be accessing the application’s Options panel. Once everything has been set up, a user needs to provide the password that will be used to secure the stored information. The drive can then be locked or unlocked with a single mouse click at any time. However, a user also has the option of specifying which of the files or folders stored on the device should be protected.

USB Secure 2.1.7 Portable + Key is Here!
USB Secure 2.1.7 Portable + Key is Here!

However, items stored in sub-directories cannot be viewed. Experienced users may also wish to modify the default Auto-play settings, as the application allows to disable this feature or specify which actions should be triggered. Novices should be pleased to learn that an extensive user manual is available and detailed instructions are included. USB Secure is a reasonably straightforward security solution that provides a user with the means of protecting portable storage devices against unauthorized access. It offers a decent set of features and is very easy to use.

Key Features:

  • USB Security:
    USB Secure password protects USB drives. Simply install the program in the portable drive to password-protect, and all the data in it is hidden and is delete proof. To re-access files, enter the correct password and get files back without requiring to install the product again and without needing any admin privileges.
  • Virtual Drive Option:
    To access own files, a user can choose between unlocking them entirely or access the locked data in a virtual drive. This plug and play feature is handy if user fear from data loss in case if USB drive is removed from the PC abruptly.
  • Works on all disk types:
    The product works on FAT/FAT32/NTFS drive types and all types of USB and External drives. No matter how much data a user has, it will be password protected in seconds. USB Secure uses a multi-layer patent-pending method to secure these files on all disk types.
  • Lost and found info:
    USB Secure lets a user create a lost and found info so that if USB drive gets lost, someone can contact a user with the info save with USB Secure. A user can save own phone number, email, and address so that if someone finds it; he can reach a user.

How To Install?

  1. Download provided Archive and extract it.
  2. Run executable and use it.
  3. Done!Enjoy! USB Secure 2.1.7 Portable.

DL:  USB Secure 2.1.7 Is Here!

USB Secure 2.1.7 Portable + Key (1.4 MB) / Mirror / Mirror

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